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Is A Jaguar A Good Used Car

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  • 26-08-2021
Is A Jaguar A Good Used Car

If you are thinking of purchasing a Jaguar car, you may be considering: Is a Jaguar a good used car? We look at Why you would choose to buy a used Jaguar and how reliable it would be.

Why buy a used Jaguar?

Most are familiar with the name Jaguar, synonymous with luxurious executive saloons and iconic sports cars that are a popular choice up and down the UK.

Carefully and purposefully named after the sleek black cats, the eye-catching silhouette design of the Jaguar car is enough to get any pulse racing and works hard to live up to the reputation of its top-quality luxury competitors and significant past classics. 

Modern Jaguar vehicles are known to have achieved numerous accolades in the past few years. In 2016, the Jaguar XE earned "Compact Executive Car of the Year" for the second consecutive year in 2016; that year, the Jaguar XF collected the award for "Best Executive Car" at the Fleet World Honours. In the following year, 2017, the Jaguar F-Pace won the awards for "World Car Design of the Year" and "World Car of the Year" from Top Gear, a rather incredible feat. 

The good news is all award-winning models are available to purchase at any car showroom through the Approved Used Jaguar Scheme, allowing its customers a fantastic opportunity to drive away experiencing the premium high-quality, luxury vehicles at reasonable and cost-effective prices. 

Is a Jaguar a good used car?

Are used Jaguars reliable?

Reliability is a topic that comes up concerning all Jaguar vehicles; however, the question of it should never truly trouble you, especially if you are considering buying any Jaguar, mainly second-hand/pre-owned cars. It may be best to eliminate all preconceptions if your purchasing through professional, authorised Jaguar retailer services, and there are numerous reasons why:

All approved and used Jaguars come into dealers showrooms typically within one year of the unlimited mileage backed warranty. These insurance warranties comprehensively cover all spaces, such as electrical and mechanical components.

The second-hand Jaguar has a balance of battery warranty of up to 8 years and 100,000 miles for each plug-in and electric hybrid vehicle. Not including litres of petrol is necessary for running and fueling other models. 

The What Car Awards voted Jaguar's Approved Used Vehicle Scheme for the "Best Used Car Scheme for 2018-2019." The numerous accolades collected by Jaguar vehicles and schemes over the recent years is proof of its ever-improving reliability. 

Jaguar specialist salesmen and retailer services ensure that all Approved Used Jaguars come with the available UK and European roadside assistance 24/7 for a least one year. Such allows you to reap the benefits and receive all the help you need throughout that one year. 

Many in the industry, and customers invested in the brand's journey over the many years, will be aware that there was a period when Jaguar was perceived as unreliable. The brand was seen in such a negative light by both its customers and rivals. 

Are used Jaguars reliable?

It wasn't too long ago that many had these perceptions of the brand. In fact, in 2014, the Warranty Direct placed the UK towards the bottom of their reliability table chart. Such is due to the low-reliability point score that Jaguar was receiving at the time. 

The complied survey was put together to demonstrate the eight nations best vehicles for reliability, and as a result, the UK came last altogether. 

The top of the list were German cars. Despite its excellent ride and extreme style, having such a poor reputation for reliability could've been detrimental to the number of sales that it received throughout the years as it could absolutely put off any potential buyers. 

Compared to its automotive and motorsport industry competitors, Jaguar also placed 29th in terms of its reliability. WarrantyDirect also confirmed in an early 2017 survey that they believed British vehicles and cars were some of the worst roads for dependability. 

Those that helped compile the survey stated that they had factored in numerous different brands such as Vauxhall and Land Rover when they were deciphering the placements of each nation, meaning it wasn't all because of Jaguar. 

While we are equally aware of how unreliable Vauxhall and Land Rovers can be and how much it may have brought down the final result, Jaguar was ultimately unreliable and required some work. 

Over time, Jaguar was able to redeem itself in terms of car reliability gradually. In recent years, the Telegraph increase their rating, placing them at 16th on the reliability chart. 

They had successfully moved up from the previous year, where they had landed at 23rd place. In this time, Jaguar had managed to reduce the problems to 123 issues per 100 vehicles, down from 173 they had in the previous year. A rather impressive achievement. 

Jaguar Reliability

Reliability Index placed the Jaguar vehicle brand 29th out of 39 when creating their reliability table, granting them an index of 171. 

A low score of often much better, so this result was deficient in the industry. However, they continue to rank Jaguar's reliability as average and thus sky-high compared to numerous other luxury brand competitors. For a more accurate comparison, Bentley received a reliability score of 529. 

If you look closely at the individual scores, you will see that the results are widely varied. The Jaguar S-Type was given a relatively poor index score of 226. It is rather expensive to fix these defects collectively, being that the average cost of a Jaguar vehicle repair is around £516.88. 

However, the newer model, the Jaguar XF, managed to score better, with an index score of 136, such isn't great; however, it isn't a terrible score to receive by comparison. It requires much less money to have replaced, repaired and costs less maintenance at the average price of £376.72.

The reliability continues to improve with the Jaguar XK; this did even better with an index score of 116, which is just a little above the industry average, pushing it into the better tier. It does cost more to replace or repair the XK, with a repair cost of £434.10. 

Jaguar Reliability

The results when discussing Jaguar reliability are always mixed. Jaguar, in past years, were once viewed as unreliable, scoring impossibly low on reliability index tables with numerous defects and problems per 100 vehicles. However, they have begun making an excellent comeback in various ways in recent years and are redeeming their build quality consistently. 

For buyers who desire further information or advice on the reliability of the Jaguar cars, you may wish to contact a Jaguar specialist centre. Professionals are likely to have all information on all aspects of these vehicles, including the boot, seats, mileage, speed, engine, etc. They may also offer significant details on how they differ or are better than their luxury competitors such as Audi, Porshe, BMW, SUV, Mercedes, etc.

What sets Approved Used Jaguar cars apart?

For all or any used Jaguar models to properly qualify as Approved Used Jaguar vehicles, they must be confident enough to prove they can last through multiple owners. 

Each pre-owned car has to undergo 165 meticulous performance programme checks and inspections by highly skilled teams of professionals and trained technicians. They use genuine Jaguar parts and mechanisms to correct and rectify any faults found during these test drives. 

The cars are then put through high-stakes road tests before a professional valet and final inspections to ensure complete working order. 

Only the tested used Jaguars that are in the best condition all-round, in every aspect, receive the title of Approved Used Jaguar and the Comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection Certificate to display their achievement. 

All Approved Jaguar vehicles can come complete with full mileage and total ownership history certificates that are independently verified so that customers never have any doubts. 

What sets Approved Used Jaguar cars apart?

When deciphering the reliability of the Jaguar brand or any brand, reviews and surveys are one of your best bets. 

Warranty Directs surveys are often some of the most reliable and valuable sources as you can pull plenty of data and significant amounts of vehicle information from them to determine how trustworthy the brand is. 

Surveys use a great deal of data from the previous and current owners of the second-hand cars, as they are the primary source and are likely to know how reliable the car is or isn't first-hand. 

However, many surveys can be taken with a pinch of salt, especially older surveys, as plenty of brands have learned from previous mistakes and enhanced their products due to garnered results. 

Whilst it is rare that brands make such drastic leaps in reliability, Jaguar cars can be one of such great examples. 

Therefore, more recent surveys over the past few years are far more accurate due to the many changes brands like Jaguar have gone through that have impacted their reliability and overall performance. 

If you are looking at used Jaguars, it may be best to search for long term surveys on reliability as these will accurately portray the growth they have made over the years but will still provide a precise reading of the car longevity. 

Generally, consumer surveys are a fantastic way to determine the reliability of a car brand and an excellent place to look when you're first deciding on a second-hand vehicle. 

Again, we advise looking at more recent surveys for more accurate displays instead of many years too old ones. Jaguar has seen such substantial, impressive growth in terms of its reliability, and there are very few brands that have seen such a dramatic change in a short period. 

It is possible that such a change says a great deal about the company and how it positively responds to feedback and constructive criticism. 

If you own a Jaguar, we hope this article will help you understand which used Jaguar should I buy? For Jaguar dealers in the Llandudno, Conwy and North Wales area, get in touch today to discuss used Jaguar sales.