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How Often Should I Service My Jaguar

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  • 04-08-2021
How Often Should I Service My Jaguar

Do you want to know: how often should I service my Jaguar? Find out more about when you should service a Jaguar and what is included in a Jaguar servicing.

When should I Service My Jaguar?

Regularly scheduled maintenance and servicing of your Jaguar is an essential part of ensuring your car can operate as it is supposed to. 

This, in turn, will allow you to enjoy your car at its peak performance for longer. Whether you bought your Jaguar brand new or from a reputable independent dealership, having regular maintenance performed on it can help your Jaguar retain its value through the years. 

How often should I service my Jaguar?

Each Jaguar model comes with its own unique services plan, indicating when a technician or mechanic should check it over. These intervals are set at either a specified time after its last service or after a certain number of miles driven, whichever is reached first. 

Some Jaguar models have an indicator on the instrument panel that will tell you when it is due for a service. However, all Jaguars should undergo maintenance at the intervals specified in the handbook. The service interval varies depending on the engine inside your Jaguar and which model you own, whether a Jaguar XF, F Type E-Pace or XE. 

Whether you have a petrol, diesel, or electric engine, you should check your specific handbook to determine your maintenance intervals. A basic services interval will be around 12 months or 24 months with the new Ingenium engine. However, if you cover a greater number of miles than stated in the handbook before the end of a year, i.e. 21,000 miles in a year, you will need to book your Jaguar in for maintenance more often. 

Each service that a Jaguar technician performs on your car will be different, testing and checking different components as required. Some maintenance checks need to be carried out every time you take it to a garage, while others only need to be done after a certain mileage has been covered. You can see how these services differ in your handbook, as they should be labelled "A Service" and "B Service", for example. 

What is included in a Jaguar servicing?

In the initial checks conducted during a Jaguar servicing, the technician will look over the car's history, taking note of any past issues or recommendations from other engineers. They will also check the car's exterior for damage to the bodywork, trims, mirrors etc. They will also check the timing belt intervals.

While the vehicle is still on the floor, the technicians will carry out more cursory and intensive checks. These include checking the ABS, warning lights, horn and seatbelts. 

They will also check the pedals, steering and gearbox, and other elements of the interior. 

They will also check the air filters, replacing those needing replacing and lubricating the door hinges and changing any wiper fluids or oils that need changing. 

What is included in a jaguar servicing
what are the benefits of servicing a jaguar

Once the car has been elevated off the ground, the technician will inspect the underside of the car body. 

They may also change more air, oil and fuel filters that need replacing. From underneath, the technician will also inspect the steering and suspension mountings, the exhaust system and other elements of the power unit. 

They can also check the tires and brakes, making repairs or replacements where necessary.

As part of the final checks, the Jaguar technician will conduct a vehicles road test, check the exhaust's emissions while idling and stamp your service book. They will then contact you to say that your car servicing is completed.

What are the benefits of servicing a Jaguar?

The main benefits to having your Jaguar regularly serviced are that you can keep your car operating at its peak performance while retaining all the safety, style and comfort that are the hallmarks of Jaguar design. 

Additionally, many dedicated Jaguar servicing centres or garages will be able to update your Jaguar Online Service History. This digital history of your car is a far easier way to track the history of your car's services, rather than relying on limited paper logbooks. You can also check your car's service history online at any time. 

Again, another benefit of taking your Jaguar to a dedicated independent servicing centre is that they can save you money without compromising quality. 

Given that you will need to service your Jaguar at least once a year, this can be a great benefit to take advantage of. Additionally, independent servicing technicians have the passion and expertise to rival the main dealership. They will also only use warranty-approved parts to keep your warranty intact through any servicing work or repairs, using the latest technology to carry out their diagnostics. 

If you own a Jaguar, we hope this article will help you understand how often you should service a Jaguar? For Jaguar car owners in the Llandudno, Conwy and North Wales area, get in touch today to discuss Jaguar servicing and repair.